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Hierarchical analysis of strong lensing systems to infer lens properties and cosmological parameters simultaneously.

The software is originated from Birrer et al. 2020 and is in active development.


The software allows to fit lenses with measured time delays, imaging information, kinematics constraints and standardizable magnifications with parameters described on the ensemble level.


$ pip install hierarc --user


The full analysis of Birrer et al. 2020 is publicly available at this TDCOSMO repository . A forecast based on hierArc is presented by Birrer & Treu 2020 and the notebooks are available at this repository. The extension to using hierArc with standardizable magnifications is presented by Birrer et al. 2021 and the forecast analysis is publicly available here. For example use cases we refer to the notebooks of these analyses.


Simon Birrer & the TDCOSMO team.

Please cite Birrer et al. 2020 if you make use of this software for your research.

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